The Changing is Coming

The murder of George Floyd has shook this country to its core and uncover all the ugliness of this rigged system. We all know about racism in this country, many of us have either witnessed or experienced racism in their lives, others choose to ignore that racism exists. White privilege is real and it plagues our society and so people refuse to acknowledge that they have that privilege. Let me explain that, it means when you are white and you get pulled over by police you never ever have the idea that maybe this is the last moments of your life. For a black person, it could be a death sentence. When you are white and want to protest to have a hair cut, you can freely storm a capital building with an AR-15 and police officers only watch you and do nothing. Then we have people say, “they are practicing their first and second amendment” or “they are very good people.” But when you are black or protesting among black people you get tear gassed for holding a sign peacefully. When you are black and speaking against police brutality the president will call you a “thug” and will tear gas you to take a picture holding a bible. Do you understand what white privilege is? 

This country has been suffering from racism for over 400 years and this racism has been embedded in the system and the core of this country. Unfortunately, we don’t teach our youth in school about black history and black heroes. In high school there was only one class that was offered in my high school that was called “Race in the 21st Century” that was the only class that taught me and opened my eyes about race. History books that are used in schools only praise white leaders and presidents, I learned so much more about Stalin and Hitler than I learned about W.E.B Du Bois. This is just one example of how our system is failing in teaching youth about race and leaders of color. So, the change is now this is the chance to change not only police protocol but also education. Be sure to vote not only for president but pay attention to local elections, make sure you research the candidates and see what they support and look at their work history. Make sure you sign petitions and donate if you can. And most importantly make your voice heard in any way you can and in any way it is fit for you. I encourage everyone to talk to their family and friends and make them uncomfortable about this topic because they should challenge their views and have conversations with them. Read and research about black history and black leaders, educate yourself and educate others because the change has to come from within first.

2 thoughts on “The Changing is Coming

  1. Deep and lasting change will only come in the transfer of resources. Reparations is the lynchpin that will accelerate racial oneness. Interracial marriage is already moving the pendulum forward.


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