Is it Game Over for the President?

People have all by now saw what Trump did on June 1st in D.C. when he clear a crowd of peaceful protesters in the park so he can have his photo op. This moment was a defining moment for his re-election, so many retired generals have since spoke out against this disgusting move that he did. Not only just retired generals but people who were in his administration as well, and some religious leaders who also have criticizes his move.

The American people all saw who Trump truly is, and that even made some Republican Senators hesitate in supporting him, Mitt Romney already said he is definitely not voting for Trump. All American people understand that Trump is a danger to our constitution and our progress moving forward in eradicating racial injustices. Well, we all saw that right? We all understand this? Well, except for his base and supports who can’t see any further than their nose. His base that still thinks that systemic racism does not exist. Hi base that still believes that it is okay to be racist and say all racial slurs out loud and proudly. His base that will probably start boycotting NFL and NASCAR due to their recent statements about racial injustices. But, remember they are the minority here, and most of Americans are now on the right side of history. That just leaves Trump and his base on the wrong side of history stuck in the confederate times praising racist confederate leaders.

Recent CNN polls show Trump trailing former VP Joe Biden 14 points, and that made Trump go crazy and even tried to sue CNN, and they told him ‘Nice try Mr. President.’ So, Trump decided to hold a rally in Tulsa (The site of the worst race war in history) on June 19th (Juneteenth). Also, the state of Oklahoma are seeing a sharp rise in COVID-19 cases. That is why, Trump had the great idea of making everyone who register to attend the rally to sign a wavier, basically saying that if someone gets COVID then they can’t sue the campaign as they are not responsible for that. So, that in itself should be a warning sign to many undecided voters, or swing voters, or whatever they call them.

Now really lets go back to the tilt of this post, is is game over for Trump? That question is hard to answer and there is not clear answer for it because there is so many moving parts and policies that can take place between now and November. There is also the issues of voting like the issue that happened in Georgia, we also have to keep in mind that in 2016 many in the black community did not go vote, because simply both candidate at the time did not tackle any issues that the community was demanding them to care about. But, if everything goes smoothly as it did in 2012 and 2008 maybe we have a good shot in removing this racist businessman from the presidency. My only concern is what will Biden do? Will he actually be a good leader that unites the nation and help solve systemic racism and injustices? What about the Senate, will it be the same or will Democrats win some states so they can gain control and be pressured by voters to pass laws swiftly? Or will we be still stuck with Mitch McConnell and his mob stacking up papers and bills on his desk collecting dust and reaching the ceiling of the office?

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