Is it Game Over for the President?

People have all by now saw what Trump did on June 1st in D.C. when he clear a crowd of peaceful protesters in the park so he can have his photo op. This moment was a defining moment for his re-election, so many retired generals have since spoke out against this disgusting move that heContinue reading “Is it Game Over for the President?”

Anti-Racist Books to Read and Educate Yourself

Description: This book addresses the way that African American social progress has been stymied by white opposition throughout history, from the Jim Crow laws to the War on Drugs and even the response to Barack Obama’s election. It offers a fresh perspective that history books didn’t teach us. Description: Guides readers of all races throughContinue reading “Anti-Racist Books to Read and Educate Yourself”

The Changing is Coming

The murder of George Floyd has shook this country to its core and uncover all the ugliness of this rigged system. We all know about racism in this country, many of us have either witnessed or experienced racism in their lives, others choose to ignore that racism exists. White privilege is real and it plaguesContinue reading “The Changing is Coming”